What’s YOUR Home Page?

I thought I’d do a little survey to find out when people open their browsers what’s the home page that you first open to?

I have mine open up to my website https://joyfullservicesinternational.wordpress.com so that I am reminded to keep it up to date!

Leave a response and see what others are opening up to with me!


Tina Kritzer
Independent Bookkeeping Contractor


  1. Bruce · March 21, 2012

    My home page is dependent on the Browser. Chrome, opens up to my Google “iGoogle” page. My IE opens up to my Google plus page (That i need to change), My Fire fox page opens up to nowhere, and when my Mac Pro get is her it will open to my blog

  2. That’s great Bruce! Steve and I sometimes share my office computer so I leave the IE browser for him to use then I use Firefox. I used to use Chrome, but then it started doing funky stuff so I scrapped it and went back to Firefox.

  3. Seth David · May 5, 2012

    I’m like Bruce. Chrome is my primary browser these days so that opens up to my website. Then Firefox opens to my iGoogle page. I like having it open up to my website for the same reason Tina points out. It’s a reminder to keep it up to date. I also like to look at it so that I give myself a sort of feeling that this is my home. This is where I live. It’s my baby. I built it and now I need to maintain it.

    Lately I start every day by writing out my goals for the day immediately after opening my browser and so the first thing that goes on my list every day is “Get 1 new client.”

    • Great to hear Seth. Since I’ve not updated my blog in awhile, you’ll see my method of opening to home page isn’t really working out for me. LOL

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