Solemn Holy Days

There was a terrible tragedy that occurred in Newtown, CT at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  It is impossible for us to understand what the families and friends of those who were killed as well as the remaining family and friends of the individual who carried out the horrific action are experiencing.

As parents who had difficulties  in carrying a child full term, we can understand a fraction of grief for the loss of children.  By no means does it equate to having had a child in our lives, as we do now, at the level of loss.  We are so very grateful to have a happy and healthy child now and can’t imagine our lives without our daughter.

Our prayers continue to flow upward for healing, peace, and wisdom to change the rampant down slide in our communities that are occurring far to often and are becoming common place.  We don’t have the answers as mental health is a huge part in this particular instance.  There is a disconnect that is taking place, a lack of support, resources, and self control are major factors.  If there was an easy answer we wouldn’t be where we are today, but there isn’t an easy answer there.  Only shock, disbelief, grief, anger, hopelessness, and who knows what else, but likely there is more.

We are in a season of Holy Days right now, for our family also a season of birthday days.  While we are continuing to prepare for those celebrations and will carry them out, there is a such a dark shadow of grief inside of us for those who will not be looking to those Holy Days as days of celebrating.  We can only rely on our faith to carry us through this terrible time.  We are abundantly blessed, beyond belief, that we have so much to celebrate due to the unlikeliness of carrying a child full term and at the same time, we also grieve for those who have lost so much and pray for their recovery in this unconscionable  experience.

The words written are lacking the ability to express the true feelings inside.  The emotional impact, even as far away as California, is too deep to possibly put to words.  In an attempt to find our own peace and healing during this time writing is an outlet.

If you feel so inspired to write then allow yourself to do that, it doesn’t need to be public.

Prayers for healing, peace, and a more meaningful Holy Day season to you all.

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