Tina’s Bio

About Tina Kritzer

Tina also has over 15 years experience as a Full-Charge Bookkeeper.

She volunteered at a Non-Profit and assisted them in their bookkeeping needs so was taught all the intricacies of maintaining good books.  She actively works as an Independent Bookkeeping Contractor which allows her the flexibility to continue to care for her daughter.

Although Non-Profits are Tina’s passion, she has worked with various industry books and looks forward to discussing your bookkeeping needs.

Tina, also had a lengthy career in the Financial Industry in the Information Technology field, working on and with Mainframe computers, Reader Sorters, Proof Machines, CRT Terminals, Unix Computers, Personal Computers and Windows Networks.  She has implemented, updated, and supported numerous software applications, databases and websites within those years and still dabbles in it to this day.  Tina likes to say, “Once someone finds out you’ve done any kind of computer work they always ask for assistance with a problem they are having.”  She takes personal joy helping others in any way she can.

Are you juggling too much in your business? Let me help you take some of that burden off your shoulders by managing your bookkeeping. I’ll keep up your daily activity and run your financial reports so you can review the numbers and we can work together to keep your business healthy. That allows you to focus on growing your business!

Get in touch with Tina to discuss your needs.

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